Ayadee Ritual: Aroma

By Ayadee Studio


Incense burning is an ancient practice used for meditation, yoga practice, ceremonies, and as part of aromatherapy. This special set includes two types of handmade and hand-rolled artisanal incense sticks, Sage Mystic and Frankincense Wonder. Our incense change the composition of the air and reduce the stress response to create the perfect atmosphere to support your inner journey. A perfect gift for the modern world.

Each ritual gift box contains:

  • Limited edition Alina incense holder, edition of 250, numbered
  • Sage Mystic artisanal incense sticks, pack of 6
  • Frankincense Wonder artisanal incense sticks, pack of 6
  • Ayadee matches
  • Ritual instructions booklet
  • Gift box